George and Elina, Greece

“We are back to reality after our wonderful vacation. 28 days in Peru without having even to google the word “hotel” before leaving. You were right, the hotel in Lima was in a very artistic and safe neighborhood and we felt 20 years younger. Everywhere we stayed was great. Most of all we enjoyed the flight over nazca lines. We bought for you 10 (!!) pencils for your collection. It was the least we could have done as a “thank you”.



Almoudena and Cristiano, Spain

“I really want to find a way to move to Tuscan at least for a couple of years. We loved Florence but actually what we loved more was the Tuscan countryside. Wherever we stayed wherever we ate was unique. We mostly loved our stay in the monastery despite the fact that we had to be back by 11.00 p.m. If there is anything else that we did not have the chance to see and visit please send us back!”

Milan, Italy


Kiki, France

“The Santiago di Compostella pilgrimage was like nothing else I have ever done. I could not have done it otherwise if it wasn’t for the amount of very practical preparation ahead of time. (Despite my age) I now want to follow other pilgrimages around the world. I found out that this is the best way of travelling for me, as without belonging to any religion I want to get as close to spiritualism and God as possible”

Northern Spain


Constantin, GB

“I have actually travelled all around the world, maybe more than once. HT makes it easy for me to concentrate to my travelling. I really don’t have the time (nor the will) to take care of all things needed to take me to the place I want to be.”


Rebecca, NY

“After a great loss of my mine and during a very difficult period of my life I wanted to find myself somewhere quiet and remotely from whatever and whoever I knew. HT sent me to the forests and lakes and country houses of Norway. I spent weeks with the fishermen at the Lofoten islands. My loss was not amended but I was given the chance to pull myself together. It was more than just travelling for me. It was something very personal.”



Sevda and Kâmuran, Turkey

We always thought honeymoon equals tropical beaches. We were surprised when we read the suggestion of traveling to Alaska. But, boy, we loved every minute of it! Awesome wild life, epic glaciers, the life of the locals. So intense pictures and so beautiful memories in our hearts and in our minds.


Konstanze and Niklas, Switzerland

“The “Travel if you dare” challenge was offered to us as a gift by our children for our anniversary of 30 years of marriage. Maybe we are too old to find the proper words to express our feeling of happiness. We were thinking that such things were not for us. That we are not the adventurous kind of person. And yet. We were “sent” to Vietnam and not only did we have our massages and lush breakfasts and private guides, we even stayed with a local family, and had to go rice harvesting, and imagine that we rare go to Zurich which is only 20 minutes from where we live, because we think it’s too far away, and why bother such trouble. We now regret the opportunities we had to travel near or far. We now regret for not having created those opportunities ourselves.”