Visit a European capital that you thought you knew like the back of your hand, underground, escorted by the homeless.

Catch the bus that will take you to a church decorated with the bones of 50.000 cholera victims.

Show the cold shoulder to air-conditioned multi store shopping malls and hide yourself in exquisite boutiques at the outskirts.

It’s time to rethink before saying “Been there, done that” next time. 

Is it nature?

We are taking you to wild and pristine parks, lush jungles, and places where the most beautiful creatures live in their natural habitats. Find hidden paths, caress an alligator, or just find two palms to swing your hammock.

Is it architecture?

Lovely and lively squares, buildings jaw-droppingly big, or others of a more intimate scale. Focus on the most iconic engineered structures or hidden architectural gems. From the medieval to the cyber modern the works of man fascinate us.

Is it food?

Eating and drinking is one of the most exciting parts of travelling. From street hawker stalls to Michelin starred restaurants, from hot-dog-eating contests to French cuisine workshops, and from scones with Devonshire cream to the best wine tasting tours, your palate can be a destination on its own.

Is it literature or maybe art?

Bibliophile, book lover, with a passion for literature, or a "thing" for a writer or a literary genre, it' time to get out from your dark library or reading niche, and follow the steps of your real or fiction characters.

The art apasionados are offered with a full list of the known and traditional as well as alternative and less known museums, galleries, artistic events, and art lovers' pilgrimages.

Is it adrenalin rush?

Take a deep breath, feel the wild beating of your heart, strap yourself really well, and go for rock climbing, parasailing, rafting, running with bulls and swimming with sharks. Whatever the level of thrill you are seeking there is so much to do on this planet that suits your breed.

Is it religion?

Find out where Gods got creative and which places they selected to call home. Get closer to your God in a spiritual retreat, escaping the metropolitan craziness for places ideal for meditation, with no luxurious embellishment, embarking on a journey of enlightenment.

You name it

Scheduled pick-up service waiting for you at the airport / train-station/ port.

Straight to your room at the exclusive boutique hotel we have reserved for you.

Plunge in your private pool with a martini in your hand, or let your driver wait for you a little bit as you get ready to go out.

Let the experts do your hair or your nails, have your body massaged and your faced renewed, let your pallet taste the best of the cuisines, make the royal family be red with jealousy for you

If you have a kid, or even a bunch of them, that does not mean that Disneyland is your only option as travel destination. Homo Travellus will show you on the atlas the places that are best for your young Magellans, depending on the time of the year you want to travel.

Homo Travellus will even give you some handy suggestions on packing and suitcases for traveling with kids, what to do on board and once you get to your destination.

As a Chinese saying goes: If you love your children, let them travel. 

A traveler with reduced mobility can have the same experiences with any other traveler. The key in this category of travelling is: planning and organizing. And this is where Homo Travellus comes in. Means of transportation, hotels, sites, sports, nature loving, anything that comes to your mind can be done.

Homo Travellus will push your wheelchair to the places you didn't even dare to dream of.

The world is open and waiting for you. 

Travelling to a foreign country for medical reasons is hard on its own already. Don’t make it harder than it is, by taking care yourself of the travelling details.

Homo Travellus is here to support you at any stage of the organization process. We will contact for you hospitals, clinics and experts that can help with your case. We will undertake the translation of all your medical tests and other supporting documents, reserve appropriate hotels, find interpreters to escort you or specialized medical staff to be with you or your family members.

Focus on what is essential for your body and mental health and let us take care of everything else. 

Whether it is for individual, group or corporate travel, Homo Travellus will find the best locations for a perfect gate-way. Together, we will find destinations where open homosexuality is acceptable and we will warn you on others where it wouldn’t be advisable to publicly display affection for a same-sex partner.

And if you feel that time has come for you to settle down, we will be more than happy to help you organize your marriage. Enjoy the exciting part of life and live on us all the other time-consuming stuff.