Destinations that inspire us

Every little corner of this planet is beautiful, and has something to offer to the traveler. But as we only live once, and time as well as money, are factors that have to be seriously considered, a priority of what we want to see and experience is essential. 
What follows is a number of suggested destinations that could find their way onto your wish list, or destinations that act as a gentle reminder for those places and experiences that have survived unticked on your list for far too long.

Tokyo, Japan

Even if you use all linguistic superlatives you will still be understating what Tokyo is. It is intimidatingly modern, socially strange, confusing and mind-blowing, with an aesthetical code that is hard for the foreigner to crack. Tokyo, apart from being the motor power of Japan, it is the shaper of global consuming and visual culture. For some this may be a hard and stressful world to live in. But, scratching the surface of this über metropolis one can find the tranquility and spirituality hidden in the gardens, temples, and local rituals evidencing a long history and a civilization based on perfection, minuteness, and everything that is subtle and fine. For you to decide which side you are on.